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Christopher Grider


Thanks in advance for any insights.


** Before recommending we are aware of the logoffchechsysmodule reg setting.  Doesn't seem to be an option because this is not a background process and in the past using it for this type of scenario just caused issues.


We use EPIC as an EMR.  within the app users can launch links either embedded into the app window OR launched externally via full IE.  Sometimes the external launch of IE is the only option if the link wont work properly launched via embedded window.  So onto our problem.


We have machines that we limit to 1 instance of the app per user.  when someone attempts a second launch of the app they receive the expected message "More users are attempting to use the application than are allowed". 


The problem we ran into is, we have had some complaints that users cannot launch the app and receive the message even though there is no evidence of the main app "EPIC" still running.  What we found is that Externally Launched IE links are still open and Citrix still thinks the user has an Active session running the published app "Epic".  So no new session can be launched.  Closing the IE windows allows the session to logoff and the user can now launch a new session.  Because these machines are kiosk type workstations and have a shell covers the desktop, users don't know opened apps may be running behind the shell .. they have no idea that any IE or possibly other apps launched from within "Epic" are still running.  All the user knows is that they cannot launch the app and they are receiving the message stating too "more user are attempting ….. .


Racked my brain and search the Web and cannot really find a solution that seems to work or fit.  Obviously closing all launched apps would work.. but because of the workstation situation this is not as easy as it sounds.


Any insights from others experiencing similar issue would be appreciated.

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To be honest I'd just leverage some PowerShell script as launcher handling the session limiting in this instance instead of wasting a lot of time in getting this running on the Citrix layer. You can do all kinds of checks there and if the user actually has the app running according to your checks then display a descriptive message to the user and exit. If you're not using session sharing for the app then it will get trickier but still something which could be solved (create a fileflag on some share, etc...)



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I agree, Powershell is your friend here.


Citrix sees EPIC as the session, not as the EPIC application running. Closing EPIC exe does not kill IE instances that spawned from that EPIC Exe, hence keep the session running.

You could do some continuously looping script on the server, going through all sessions and logging that session of when epic exe is not detected anymore. 

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Thanks for responses.  This is something we chatted about as an option, but before going that route wanted to toss the question out to see if there where any other options we had not considered.  The LOGOFFCHECKSYSMODULES Key does work in our testing.  I just am hesitant to use that to close an open window.  Usually have only used that for background processes that don't close properly.


Will look into the Powershell scripting option.

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