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MCS Clean Up For Base Disks Not Running

Thomas Dooley1709157758


Hi all,


We have a bit of a strange problem here in regards to the Disk Reaper ProvTask not running after we do an MCS update on a catalog. 


So for example we update a Machine Catalog, everything goes as expected with this process and the VMs shut down at the end and they are pointed towards the new basedisk that was created. Usually after this a DisusedImageCleanUp Disk Reaper task is created to get rid of the un-used disks.


However in our case the DisusedImageCleanUp ProvTask never gets created and therfore old BaseDisks remain taking up storage. In the SQL Database 'DesktopUpdateManagerSchema.PendingImageDeletes' we do see a task created in there though just nothing DC side. 


Does anyone have any ideas?


Ruled out all the obvious stuff like checking for other active ProvTasks, making sure the DB mentioned above is free from old entries....we even deleted the entire Delivery Group, Machine Catalog & hosting resources and re-created them!


Thanks in advance. 

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