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3 Monitor Setup (XenDesktop 7.15)

Andrew Menzies


Premise:  We upgraded from 7.8 to 7.15 sometime last year. This was a parallel build so I still have access to the old 7.8 environment.  The old Citrix 7.8 environment is hosted on VMWare 5.5 and the new Citrix 7.15 environment is hosted on VMWare 6.5.


We have one user who stated that they used to be able to span Citrix across three monitors in our old environment (7.8) but now it maxes out at 2 (7.15). if you try to maximize on three monitors it just stretches the image across instead of detecting and applying as three different monitors. I went back and tested and he is right. I'm a little stumped because everything is setup the same in both environments including the resources of the VMs. Has anyone else came across this?



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