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Layer Creation: Windows 10 Bluescreen durring reboot

Mario Rieländer


Hi folks,

the following problem is driving me crazy. May someone as an idea.


Long story short:


If I take my golden Master Image within VMware vCenter, make a clone of it, boot it up, install Chrome Enterprise via a Network-Share, run NgenUpdate and reboot - everything is fine. Win10 reboots normaly.

Now switching over to ELM, I import this master image and make it my V1 of the OS layer, afterwards I create an AppLayer and doing the exact same steps (Chrome installation, NgenUpdate) and reboot the VM. The reboot takes 5-10min and crashes with a bluescreen with the Stop-Code: DRIVER POWER STATE FAILURE


I have done a lot of testings, creating new OS layers, testing with different Windows updates, Vmware Tools versions, AppLayering Tools versions etc. Always ending up in the same bluescreen during reboot. It´s only the first reboot! If I reset the VM I can reboot it as often as I want, never crashes again.


Here my setup details:

vSphere 6.5U1

Golden Master: Win10 1607 LTSB (German)

Software within Master: VMware Tools 10.2.5 & CTX Tools 1902

ELM: 1902


Also seen this problem before with ELM 4.14 and CTX Tool 4.0.8 in the OS layer. Which was the main reason to start from scratch with a complete new OS layer.

Anyway this problem has not been around always....the environment is now running since >1 year and I didn´t had this problem on the beginning.


Any idea?


P.S.: Also seen with other applications.....so not related to Chrome.






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Hi Rob,

its not related to Chrome only.


Even have seen the problem if I just open up an new layer and reboot it straight away without any installation.


Anyway....sometime, but only sometimes (5-10% max.) it reboots successfully. Doesn´t seems to be depended to an specific application etc.




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What exactly is installed in your Gold VM, and where did it come from?  If this is an image that was pre-created by some other department in your company, we would recommend starting with a completely clean image from ISO.   However, it's still good to know exactly what else is installed in your original Gold VM.


Also, is the Gold VM on the domain?  Are you adding the App Layer packaging machine to the domain?  Domain policies might not get applied until the next reboot.  Try creating an app layer, logging in, doing nothing for 10 or 20 minutes, and then rebooting.  Let's just see if your packaging machine is always going to have a problem on the first reboot. 

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I build it myself up from ISO.

Nothing installed beside VMware Tools and AppLayering OS Tools.


Not in the domain, also no domain join durring layer creation.

I will try to let it run longer, but also had application installations and updates etc. which took a long time before the first reboot which again ended up in an bluescreen.

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Add Version to the OS layer.  With the OS layer, we have no drivers running, it's booting basically as a clone of the original Gold VM.  But it uses the same VM template (or we make the same kind of default VM) as an App Layer packaging machine, so if something has to happen at first boot, let's let it happen in the OS layer instead of an app layer.  Version the OS, let it boot up, let it sit, reboot it (and see that it doesn't crash - if it crashes here, with no App Layering software running, well, that's weird), and finalize.  See if that makes your App Layers happier.

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Well that far I also have been....

I was at V3 of my OS layer, with latest Win-Updates, .NET 4.7.2, C++ Redistri. etc. and was facing this problem.


Afterwards I did endless tests (removing more and more layers / components) ending up with the original golden master without any apps etc. and sill didn´t get rid of the bluescreen after usage of ELM.

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