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Session closes when starting new application

Robert van Ooijen1709158228



I have the following issue for some users.


User is logged in and has application 1 running.

When that user is starting app 2, app1 disconnects 
When app2 is started app1 is reconnected.

When the user starts app3, app1&2 disconnects.

When app3 is started app1&2 reconnects.


WEM is initialized after each start of an application.


We are using:

Workspace app 1812

XenDesktop 7.15 cu3

Anyone familiar with this issue?

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Totally familiar with it. Been happening with virtually all versions of Receiver across all XenApp releases of up to and including 7.15 CU3 here.


Doing a reset of Receiver on the client resolves the issue for a while, where a while depends on the specific client machine, could be hours, days, weeks or months before it comes back.


Since we have that as a workaround here, we haven't had a client machine that has been willing to leave it in the broken state long enough to get proper logging for Citrix. I had an open case with them a while back, but closed it since we couldn't get the needed logging information. 


It does seem to be getting more pronounced recently and our front-line support guys are starting to bring it up more often as an issue they want worked, so we are pushing back to get a machine that has the issue that we can gather logs to open a new ticket with. 


Looking forward to hearing if you solve the issue too. 


To answer Christoph's question, yes, they only end up with a single session on a single VDA after the disconnect/reconnect process completes. 

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Ok single session. I was asking because we have seen "similar" behavior from users running multiple applications at the same time, most often just copies of the same app. They use multiple application instances in parallel across multiple monitors. The observed disconnect was actually a logoff triggered by a race condition when closing & opening applications rapidly interfering with the LogoffCheckSysmodules (so XenApp wanted to logoff the session) yet it didn't happen all the time.


The solution was to simply go to the Delivery Group setting and set Application Linger interval to 5 min or more so sessions are not immediately logged off when an application is closed. We didn't experience any re-connect though so I guess your problem is different.

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Appreciate the response Christoph! I can see how your situation could be an issue. Mine (ours?) is different as they are just launching a new and different app and expecting it to just popup in that same session, but get disconnected and reconnected. 

I don't think WEM has anything to do with it as it happened here before WEM was even released as a Citrix product. I don't use WEM for anything other than CPU and Memory management, so didn't notice the reprocessing of WEM settings. 


Also, since a reset of Receiver (WorkSpace), clears up the issue for a while, I'm pretty sure it is a workstation issue.



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