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Installing Receiver 4.9 LTSR GPO templates on existing Receiver 4.4 environment

Jess Wijesinghe


In our environment we have about 400 windows 7 devices running Receiver 4.4. I'm planning to introduce to Receiver 4.9 LTSR with new Windows 10 SOE.

I won't be upgrading the existing devices with receiver 4.4. Any new device will get 4.9. However the 4.4 GPO templates on XA controllers will be replaced by the 4.9 templates.

Just wondering if the Receiver 4.9 LTSR GPO templates are backward compatible, and will not cause issues with existing group policies for controlling the devices that have 4.4

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GPO templates define the available settings, not the configured settings. If you update the GPO templates, then the settings already configured will not be affected, but newer GPO templates usually unlock more available settings.


GPOs do nothing more than change registry keys. Receiver needs to be programmed to read the registry keys. Older versions of Receiver are not programmed to read the newer registry keys so there's no effect on older Receivers.

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