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Machine Hangs at "please wait for the citrix layering service"

Phil Taylor1709159934




we are currently having some strange issues that intermittently when user logs in to a XenApp Desktop, the login process in the background hangs at "please wait for the Citrix layering service"  this appears to hang at this screen almost indefinitely, however if at the backend the VM actually seems to crash, this drops off the network, it can be connected to through a console, however it wont login. When the machine is rebooted the logs are lost, we are  now shipping windows logs to an external location however the VM seems to crash before it writes to the log file.


The current environment is


Server 2016 Session Host

VMware 6.5

XenDesktop 1811

Applayering 1902


currently the users have


Assigned Elastically



Adobe Reader

O365 Layer


With Office 2016 Std in the Image


Without the ability to collect logs, this is proving really thought to troubleshoot, or even work with support. Has anyone seen anything like this before?




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Are you sure the machine is completely unreachable?  Does the C$ share work on it, or can you remotely attach Event Viewer to it?


Try disabling your AV.  This sounds like a problem we have occasionally seen with antiviruses where the elastic layers are forcibly disconnected and when we go to reattach them, we are locked up.  Normally, if you disconnect one of our VHDs, we'll just reconnect it at the next login and everybody is happy.  Something about some AVs (we saw it sometimes on Symantec, but bot often, so I don't even know what really triggers this) not only detaches the VHD but blocks us when we try to reattach it.  The message you see would be when our service is trying to reattach the layers and gets blocked.


Other than that, start nailing down what exactly "intermittently" means and see if you can make a persistent machine run into this so you don't lose the logs.

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yes the machine is completely unreachable, it drops of the network completely, so you cant communicate with it at all, and the VM console is dead as-well


I have tired this with the AV disabled on the VM, but not on the file server the VHD's are hosted on so perhaps that is one to try. 


We will try a persistent machine also and see if we get the same results.

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one thing we have found we need to do with our images is that once you have created the image - before it is spun out to a machine catalog that you log on and run a full AV scan

this updates all the files with a recent last scan date - otherwise we found AV insisted on doing a full machine scan and blocked access until complete - every time someone wanted to log on

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