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Differente Reverse Proxy behind Content Switch with different authentication

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Hello together,


I have a challenge that I don't have an idea about at the moment, maybe somebody can help me.


I have one Content Switch accessible from the Internet, through this CS there are about 10 Reverse Proxy available.


I would like to to configure some kind of authentication to this Reverse Proxy, but nearly every Reverse Proxy needs a different authentication.


- some should be available without any kind of authentication

- some should have just LDAP (member of AD group)

- some should have LDAP (member of AD group) + Token


I could create a AAA vServer for each Authentication and bind it to the LB vServer. Than I would need a IP for each AAA vServer, which is not nice. Is is possible to realize this with just one AAA vServer.


Thanks for your help!



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When you edit a LB vServer, there's an Authentication section where you can point it to a AAA vServer. You can use whatever FQDN you want for AAA. The FQDN should resolve to your Content Switching VIP and then the CS VIP should have a CS Policy that looks for the AAA FQDN and forwards it to a CS Action which is a AAA vServer. If you want the same FQDN for both the AAA and LB, then you need to use is_vpn_url in your CS Policy Expression so AAA URL Paths go to AAA and the rest of the URL Paths go to the LB vServer. 

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Hi Carl,

Thanks again for your time and help.


This one is clear to me, but I still miss the part where I can define which kind of authentication is used for which LB vServer.


- LB vServer 1 should use no authentication

- LB vServer 2 should use just LDAP (member of) authentication

- LB vServer 3 should use LDAP (member of) + Token


I cannot configure this on the AAA vServer, if I would, all LB vServer would have the same authentication type.


Or do I have to create a non routable AAA vServer (and different FQDN) for each LB vServer ( or better for each different authentication type)?

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Hi Carl,


I found some time to test it, so I have created two non-addressable AAA vServer and tried to bind them to a CS vServer.

It was no problem to bind the first  AAA vServer to the CS vServer and it works like it should.

But when I try to bind the second AAA vServer to the same CS vServer an receive the following error message:

"Only one Authentication vserver can be bound to a CS vserver."


Do you haven an idea to solve it ?


Thank you very much for your Help!!

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You could use the nFactor schemas with a single AAA server. Bind different Authentication policies to the AAA server with expressions matching your apps 1 ,2, 3 and use the next factor to point to a new schema for the required authentication factor.




100 auth_App1 HTTP.REQ.URL.CONTAINS("app1.domain.net") End AuthPolLab_noFactor

110 auth_App2 HTTP.REQ.URL.CONTAINS("app2.domain.net") End AuthPolLab_LDAP_Grp_extract  > another schema with an expression evaluating the AD grp > True > forward to LB

120 auth_App3 HTTP.REQ.URL.CONTAINS("app3.domain.net") End AuthPolLab_LDAP_Token   > another schema with an expression evaluating the AD grp > True > present authentication page for token > pass >forward to LB




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