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Connecting same Storage/LUN as Storage Repository which is already connected and being used SR to another Xenserver.

edp zodiac


I want to create Storage Repository in a new machine of Xenserver (7.5) but that same LUN (Hardware HBA type) is connected to another machine Xenserver (6.1) and which is already in use and VMS are running into that machine from that storage.


So my question is

1. Is it possible to create SR and use simultaneously and independently from same LUN into new Xenserver which is already connected to another Xenserver machine?

2.  According to image If I reattach this same LUN while adding NEW Storage Repository in new Xenserver machine will it affect data or VMS which are running in another Xenserver machine?

   (Because it gives warning "To prevent data loss you must ensure that the LUN is not in use by any other system, including XenServer hosts that are not connected to XenCenter")



Thank you

-- Mehran K



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