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Receiver refresh and AD Group membership

Egor Nikishin



Could someone give me some ideas?


I have problems with apllication refresh in my receiver when i add user to a AD group. I publish application and use AD group to restict access to it. I add user to that group, and user cant see app until he make logoff\Refresh app in citrix receiver. logoff\logon in windows also helps.


I read some posts about this kind of problem, but people complain that it takes 10 min for application to apear in receiver. But in my case i waited abot 3-4 hours, made manual application refresh, and application didnt appear. Only logof\Refresh app


Also i read article about XML SID Enumeration, but it's about WI 5.




My configuration:


Receiver 4.9.3 SSO enabled and working

Storefront 3.12 LTSR balanced throught NetScaler


I wonder if someone has this problem, or everyone just makes logoff\logon after add user to AD group.



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Yesterday i tried to set HKLM\Software\Citrix\DesktopServer\EnableXmlServiceSidEnumeration (REG_DWORD) = 1 settings on my Delivery controllers. After rebootin  everything is working fine - when i add user to a group, wait ten minutes, click refresh app - and app is visible. Ten minutes is default tiket cache time.

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