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Netscaler Responder or Transform Policy?

Colin Fritzke

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I'm fairly new to Netscalers, and I'm trying to figure out how to accomplish a URL change with a content-switching vserver (loadbalancing vserver already working) for a Livelink platform.   Here's what I'm trying to accomplish.


User clicks on old hyperlinks which have the following headers but may have additional folders, etc where you see a wildcard:







but need to be redirected to the same directory, etc, but with this following SSL URL instead:





Can this be done with either a simple Responder or Transform Policy?



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The question of whether to use responder OR url transform depends on what you want the users to see/use client-side.


If the user is asking for OLD path/fqdn and you want to redirect users to new path/fqdn and they see the change, then use Responder.


If you want the user to see a public view of the URL, but you need to change it to the actual view server-side so it works, then a URL transform is preferred. Especially, if you need to change the request time URL into the server-side format and change all response time links back into the public/client-side view.  Simpler scenarios can use regular rewrite.

Edit: missed the http to https:

Then responder is your best option for http to https. The rest of the URL pattern change can use either feature, depending on what you want.

Both responder and url transform/rewrite can do the path change.


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