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Single Content Switching virtual server for ssh connections (Redirect port 22 to severals vserver)

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I'd like to configure a Virtual Server Content Switching for all my Linux servers to access ssh, actually I have configured all my Virtual Server Load Balancing, so in my example I've got two VSLB & that listen on port 22. From my LAN I can connect to those vserver.

Now what I want to do :


  • I configured a new VIP in that listen on port 22 (PUB DMZ)
  • I configured a NAT rules & an Acl that send all traffic send to my public IP address on port 22 to this VIP
  • like my https I woul'd like to create an expression that identify the vserver on which send the ssh connection


For example, I use a policy to loadbalance https on my multiples production webservers VSLB (HTTP.REQ.HOSTNAME.SET_TEXT_MODE(IGNORECASE).EQ("vname.domain.com") I setup a VIP that listen 443 and bind my different policy expression to it.


Now I would like to do the same for ssh, but I can't find a valid expression to make it :


If I request an ssh connection with the hostname "ssh1.domain.com" i would like to be redirect to vslb1 and if i request "ssh2.domain.com" I'm going to vlsb2

I think that I can start my expression with client.TCP.DSTPORT.EQ(22) but i have to add the other part of the expression that extract the DNS request


I tried client.TCP.DSTPORT.EQ(22) && HTTP.REQ.HOSTNAME.SET_TEXT_MODE(IGNORECASE).EQ("ssh1.domain.com") -> failed because attached VSLB is not compatible (i don't listen on http or https so this is normal)




Can I do something like that ? Or am I stuck to assign one port to one vserver, one pub IP for one vserver ?




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it's a TCP 22 service type, I think I have to bind TCP expression, but I don't find what to write on it :




What I want to do

  • If I try to connect to "vname.domain.com" on port 22 I'm redirected to vslb1 port 22
  • If I try to connect to "vname2.domain.com" on port 22 I'm redirected to vslb2 port 22


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