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Citrix Receiver and HDX RealTime Media Engine performance issues in battery mode on Lenovo ThinkPad L580

Nicolaj Bisching


We are using Lenovo ThinkPad laptops (L580). When working on battery mode there are strange performance issues, only when using Citrix apps.

The laptop operates absolutely normal on battery mode, with power plan set to “Balanced” (default, recommended). Nevertheless, as soon as a Citrix app starts out of Receiver, the performance of the laptop lacks.

Example: To open a local File Explorer, it takes up to 10 seconds. The worst thing is, that the touchpad gets extremely bad responsive. Moving the finger on the touchpad causes delays and the mouse pointer just moves seconds later.

Actually, we found a workaround: When we enable the “High Performance Mode” in the power plan section of the OS, the issue is 100% gone. However, of course, with this setting the battery gets soaked empty too fast. Therefore, this workaround is not a solution.


Another funny thing is, that this behavior gets better, when uninstalling the HDX Realtime Media Engine 2.5. As mentioned, it gets better, but just a little better.


Our environment:

Hardware: Lenovo ThinkPad L580. (Firmware, Drivers and BIOS all up to date 02/2019)

OS: Windows 10 1803 Enterprise 64 Bit (Latest Microsoft Updates applied, 02/2019)

Citrix Receiver 4.9.4000 / 4.9.5000 (both tested, same issue)

Citrix HDX Realtime Media Engine 2.5


Is there a hotfix, configuration task that needs to be done to gets this working properly?

Any help is highly appreciated.

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