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Problems using Displayfusion to manage Citrix XenApp Windows

Peter Fibæk


I have always used multiple monitors when working with Citrix XenApp and that has worked fine up till I exchanged all my monitors with a 49" 32:9 5120 x 1440 monitor.

While this monitor is a dream to work on as I easily can have 3 programs open next to each other, which previously needed three separate screens, there are some issues I needed fixed.


It was now a bit annoying to have to manually resize programs in order to work with them 3 by 3.

To solve this problem, I turned to DisplayFusion, which enables me to establish "monitor splits" on a single desktop screen.

This allows me to configure multiple smaller "monitors" on this large 49" screen, where I can easily set programs to "full screen" within these splits simply by double-clicking on the top of the window.


This enables me to work much more efficiently with multiple programs.


But... and yes.. there is always a but... the auto-fullscreen-resize (doubleclick top of window) does not work properly with Citrix (XenApp).

The local Workspace app's window does properly resize to the split window-size, but the Citrix app on the server does not, it resizes to the maximum display resolution of the entire screen, not to the size of the split.

It is as if the maximize command that the local windows receives is correctly caught by DisplayFusion and set to the split's size instead of the desktop's size, but the "maximize" command is also just translated back unfiltered to the Citrix environment by the Workspace app and since it is not running DisplayFusion, it just maximizes to the full size of the screen as detected by Citrix XenApp.

This makes the image shown in the split-sized window very scrunched up.


This screenshot shows the left of the larger splits as per above image,


The program was manually resized to fit split 2 here, and then maximized, which caused the XenApp app to maximize the the full screen width, but somehow the shown image is scrunched into something even smaller than the split it was supposed to fill (split size marked with lines at the top).

The XenApp program only responds within the visible XenApp program, even though it was supposed to fill he split size (all of the blue background).


DisplayFusion seems to be unable to fix this problem with any clever workarounds, but you might be more easily able to fix this problem.

Is it possible that you can disable/block any transfer of a maximize or minimize commands to Citrix and simply make a detection of window size and location of window to ensure that the Citrix remote desktop window size is always the same size and location as the local Workspace Window representing the XenApp app, regardless of how the window was resized and to which size?


I'd recommend you get in touch with the DisplayFusion technicians to work out how your Workspace program can work better with DisplayFusion, or maybe how DisplayFusion can work better with Workspace/Citrix.

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