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Hi all,


Last week we did a vSphere 6.7 update and all seemed to go well & nothing obvious broke. Only this weekend when we did some MCS updating of catalogues the process starts, creates the snapshot and such but nothing after that and it shows as a failure under the actions tab in Studio (results in attached txt file).


We also cannot add new VMs to the Machine Catalogs and I have also attached that below. 


Under the hosting tab in Studio doing a test connection passes but doing a test resources fails on one test (again attached).


After doing lots of Googling I came across quite a few people having to rename datastores due to special characters and such. We do have spaces in the datastore names but no special characters...unless spaces class as special characters??!


We still have full visibility over the machines from Studio like power status so its not lost connection as such. All seems storage related but nothing major has changed since the update to vSphere. 


Does anyone have any ideas on this one? and why MCS has started to fail for us?


Thanks in advance. 

Adding To Catalog Failure.txt

MCS Failure.txt


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Not at the minute Carl still on release version unfortunately.


That sucks as now MCS has broken I have no real way of updating the hundreds of VDA's we have out there.


Do you think I can upgrade the DC's, SF's, License server, Directors etc to 7.15 CU3 leaving the VDA's on 7.15LTSR release without any problems for a short time and then when MCS is back working do the VDA's? 

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Just to update this thread. Turns out the spaces in the Datastore names are now classed as special characters since the vSphere 6.7 upgrade, removed the spaces, updated hostings and kicked into life. 


Not sure if this is an incompatibility between 7.15 (release version) and the newer HyperVisor but we have MCS and such working at least pre- 7.15 CU3 update. 


Thanks for the advice Carl. 

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I had to chime in as I've been seeing something similar in my environment.


Essentially the controllers are at 7.15 LTSR.


Our issue involved a simultaneous update to vSphere Client version and a Cisco Hyperflex unit firmware. 


But we are not using PVS. A pure MCS environment, so the 7.15 LTSR should be compatible? The errors I'm seeing have to do with changes to catalogs. The ID"s are not recognized on the Storage piece.


Sure enough I log into one of the Controllers and  I go into storage, and the 'cluster' is still seen, however the underlying storage units are now showing as "Unavailable". I see new storage names with the same names as the old ones, but showing as available so I select them instead. You'd think that would fix it, but now our Controller is complaining about the VLAN being unavailable.


Really strange. So the problem as evolved slightly and I am tempted to try a Controller upgrade however I have a bad feeling this won't fix the problem.


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