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Issue with a network switch after VPN connection

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I have not seen the behavior so trying to describe somebody else's words.

We have a full VPN running through Netscalers. Clients connect to VPN using their WIFI connection (office public Wi-Fi or home Wi-Fi which are not corporate networks). 

Issue happens when they are in the office and connect to the wired network. For wired to work correctly they have to manually disconnect from Wi-Fi otherwise it tries routing via that connection.

Understand more troubleshooting is required to test different options and not so much Netscaler related, but did anyone have similar issues? 

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Are these MAC clients or Windows Clients? If these are MAC clients, try CitrixSSO which is seamless. You don't need really worry about anything.

Coming back to the issue, What is the DNS mode set to? Remote or Local?

What are the settings for FullVPN? Always ON? Can you please give us more detail about issue and config details?





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On 3/2/2019 at 11:29 PM, Sergey Lisitsyn1709156123 said:


Windows clients, always on, remote DNS 

As I have said, clients are in remote from me location so have to rely on them telling me what issues they are having 


You could retrieve logs from the computer with the issue to analyze and see what logs are saying.





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Double check your split tunnel settings if ON or OFF, and the intranet apps for networks to intercept.

Double check in any applicable session policies or global vpn parameters if settings to allow private networks or local lan is on or off and if your remote client has any overlapping internal network schemes that overlap with the networks you are intercepting for split tunnel (if on).

Most of these settings are under Client Experience tab and its advanced settings.


Maybe a network conflict in the remote location vs the network they are vpn tunneling to.


Also depending on whether you allow split tunnel ON or OFF, you might need to consider disconnecting all existing connections at vpn start up or not.  For example if in full vpn mode with split tunnel OFF, then disabling existing connections at start up forces all new app traffic to be handled by the gateway.  Whether any of this is needed depends on split tunnel values.


Vpn client logs as suggested by Arnaud Pain is still a good place to start along with probably running a trace from client to vpn and comparing with the syslog events on gateway.

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