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VDA v7.1811 communication with controllers taking too long

Akinola Oke


I just observed that those Desktops installed with "VDA v7.1811" are taking more than two minutes in Exchanging with controllers, which causes the "Receiver" to often timed out and users could not successfully launch their desktops.









On the screenshot, it could be observed that the passage from EventID-1013 to EventID-1010 is taking longer on VDA-7.1811 machines.


EventID-1013 - The Citrix Desktop Service successfully initialized communication services required for interaction between this machine and delivery controllers.

EventID-1010 - The Citrix Desktop Service successfully obtained the following list of 2 delivery controller(s) with which to register: 'controller1.domain.com (x.x.x.x), controller1.domain.com (x.x.x.x)'.


Is this a known issue or does anyone have suggesting in correcting it.






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Did you get any answer on this?  or did you fix it?


I found the same behavior today on our new Win2019 CTX server where I tested 2203 LTSR CU1. I also did try to install 1912 LTSR CU 5 and CU 4 there to test, same results. So I did try another Win2019 server, where 1912 LTSR was installed and upgraded the VDA to 2203 LTSR and it works normally - I mean the registration "speed" is normal. So than I tried one other Win2019 with 1912 LTSR  and checked the event log after restart and it was slow on this VDA version too, over 2 minutes.


I bet there are more in our CTX farm ...


So I do not know yet what's causing these delays ...seems not related to a VDA version - in my case. Servers are created from templates, maybe slow network on a specific ESX host?





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