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Office 2016 Pro KMS activation failing

Clement Thuraisamy1709154286


Good Day!


I have experiencing an issue with kms activation on office 2016 pro. When I check the activateoffice_log.txt "No installed product keys detected". 


I followed the citrix office 2016 recipe and couple other blogs to ensure I'm doing it correctly... still end up error.  Office 2016 is installed in app layer (not other apps). 


  1. Create an Application layer
  2. Install desired Office Apps from ISO
  3. Enable Windows Updates and Patch Office then disable Windows Updates
  4. Run ngen 32 bit and 64 bit (ngen update)
  5. Reboot
  6. Run the Optimizer tool by right-clicking on RunOptimizer.cmd and choosing "Run As Administrator".  Select "Activate MS Office via KMS" or "Process Office 365", and click "Save A-K" to same the activation options.
  7. Rearm Office
  8. Shutdown for Finalize


Additionally i also tried placing the office *.dat file in Platform layer and no luck.


Running latest app layering 19.02 and win10_1803 with VDA 7.15CU3 and PVS CU3.


Attached is the details of activateoffice.log

2019-03-02-12:25:35.14- Found Windows 10 will try to copy FromLayer\data.dat file to UEP  
2019-03-02-12:25:35.14- Office License file has been updated during the BIC Process             
2019-03-02-12:25:35.20- Detected VDI operation; forcing office activation 
2019-03-02-12:25:35.28- Found File OfficeProPlus2016_KMS.txt - Activating OfficeProPlus2016_KMS 
Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host Version 5.812
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

ERROR CODE: 0xC004E016
ERROR DESCRIPTION: The Software Licensing Service reported that the product key is invalid.
ECHO is off.
2019-03-02-12:25:35.87- Activating Office using ospp.vbs 
Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host Version 5.812
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

<No installed product keys detected>

Any suggestion?



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Definitely open a Support case and get us C:\Windows\Setup\Scripts from a machine having bad licensing and the ELM logs.  Point us to when you published the image.  Starting in 19.2, instead of saving the license files in the layer and restoring them in the published image, we now save the license files in the layer and restore them during the publish operation.  So your published image should have the correct license files before it even boots.  Previously, we would copy them back during startup scripts, which exposed timing errors.  The ELM logs will show us when and how we injected the correct license files during the Publish operation.  But your process above looks correct.


About all I can think of, assuming the process is working properly, is that you ran the Optimizer and selected the Office options in another layer as well.  Perhaps the Platform Layer.  If you could publish just the OS and Office layer, and test with your local Admin account, that could eliminate the possibility of this being such a layer conflict.  And if it is a conflicting platform layer, don't try to fix it, just recreate it (or recreate the version where you might have re-run the optimizer).



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Sorry Gunthera, it look me while to provide an update, got caught on meetings. 


Removing the platform layer, did not work as expected. Got BSOD as Citrix PVS were installed on the PL layer. :) 

so I tested with a next platform layer (PROD domain), and experience is the same. "no installed products keys installed".  This platform layer is good as I have prod images provisioned with O365 App layer and activation are successful. 


Any other thoughts before  I will call into support for next steps?






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