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Virtual Server to Service Group Port Mismatch

Paul Conklin

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I'm using a CitrixNetScaler VPX (1000).  I have Service Groups set up by types of traffic and the port is set to * on each of them  (SG_HTTP, SG_TCP, SG_SSL)  I have Virtual servers set as an IP / Port combination.  Occasionally I see the IPP and HTTP traffic get mis-matched (VS_IPP type HTTP port 631, VS_HTTP type HTTP port 80).  I see the traffic hit the Netscaler from the client on port 631, but it hits the physical server on 80.  I really don't want to break out every VS to have a SG with the same port, is there any way to ensure that the port used to the node is the port the traffic came in on the VS?  I can not use the "Use Client IP" setting.

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