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Having two separate netscalers in one domain.

ivan shalagin

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Currently we have a live deployment of our Citrix environment with a load balanced Netscaler set up and everything is working well.

We are planning on setting up a fail-over environment in Azure in case something happens to our on premise solution. We used the Virtual Apps and Desktops to set up Citrix Sutdio and created our appservers to publish apps. However we need to setup a netscaler in Azure so users can access our APPS.


I was wondering if having another set of Netscalers in the same domain will cause any issues between the two of them? 

Will having another Netscaler mess with the current load balanced set up in on premise environment?


We don't want users to be going to the Azure environment unless something goes wrong in the on premise system, and we redirect them to the Azure system during that downtime. 


Thank You.

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Normally, customers create NetScaler Gateways in multiple datacenters and use GSLB to load balance a single DNS name between the NetScaler Gateways. 


StoreFront in multiple datacenters, including Gateway configuration - https://www.carlstalhood.com/storefront-3-5-configuration-for-netscaler-gateway/


Citrix ADC GSLB - https://www.carlstalhood.com/global-server-load-balancing-gslb-netscaler-12/

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