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WEM 1811 - CPU Usage Limit does not work?

Christian Cornelsen1709152196


Hello Guys,


I tested WEM 1811 on Server 2016 with "CPU Spikes Protection". I've set it to 20%, enable "Intelligent CPU.." and "Intelligent I/O..." 

NO Limit on CPU/ Core Usage.


After connect with HDX I started a buggy WebSite from SAP "https://www.sapanalytics.cloud/

This Site using enorm CPU times (in the Background are animated bubbles... It's important :7_sweat_smile: " Basicly the Site comsume up to 60%


After 5 Minutes nothing happens, the CPU is still high.

I've estimated that the WEM Agent should act now and slow down the process? Where I did the mistake?




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Have a look a the WEM documentation:



CPU Spikes Protection changes the process priority, that doesn't mean that WEM will limit the CPU usage, it makes sure that processes with higher priorities get the needed CPU time. What you see may be normal behavior.

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