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Multiple sites Netscaler


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 Hi All,


I read a lot about this subject, but couldn't quite find what I need. Hope someone could push me in the right direction. 


I have 2 sites. Both sites look like this. 


Site A: Storefront + Controller + VDA's (XA 7.15 CU2)

Site B: Storefront + Controller + VDA's (XA 7.15 CU2)


Site A: Has a Netscaler as well. (


I configured the Netscaler in Site A to connect to the env. in the same site using this guide: https://www.carlstalhood.com/storefront-3-5-configuration-for-netscaler-gateway/#storefront


I would like to make Site B available through the netscaler as well. Physically this is in a different DC. However, I have a VPN tunnel between the 2 and the ports are opened as well.  I repeated the steps in the above guide but this doesn't seem to work. Maybe I forgot something? 


One questions pops in my mind, hopefully, someone can answer it. Do I need to configure something in the netscaler as well to make it aware of Site B? 


Thanks in advance for any replies



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Hi Carl,


I did that on both sites. But per site, I only added the controllers that are in the same site. (If this makes sense)


I am using the Netscaler only as a gateway. Meaning, users that connect from outside the network will go to https://mynetscalerurl to be redirected internally. Internally I let the users connect to the storefront directly. 

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In StoreFront Console > Stores > right-click your store > Manage Delivery Controllers, how many farms are in the list? You should have two farms so users can see icons from both farms in the same StoreFront web page.


As for external, I assume NetScaler Gateway is configured in ICA Proxy mode?

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So the first part I got to work. I added the DC from the other farm in my storefront and I can now see the applications from that farm. Thanks for that!

Regarding your second question: I am not sure, how I can see that? I basically followed your manual to set up the netscaler. (total noob here, sorry)


Update: Hours later I can now see the apps also if I login from the netscaler. This means that the netscaler is not looking to site B directly but gettings it's information from the controller in Site A. Is there a way to make the netscaler not dependant on the controller of Site A?

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