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Unable to see apps in Add\Remove programs in App Layer.

badrinath b


Hi Citrix Experts,


Need help regarding the issue we are seeing in Citrix App Layering.
We are using App Layering version 4.14 along with Server 2016 OS layer and XenApp 7.15 LTSR CU3 in vmware vsphere 6.5.
I have created App layer to install basic applications like Adobe,Notepad++ etc.I have created multiple versions for the layer as we added more applications.
Now i am unable to see the applications which are installed in older versions of the layer in Add/Remove programs.I am able to see the applications in programs file and also able to launch them from start menu. If i have to uninstall\Repair any applications from Add\Remove programs only the apps which are installed in the latest version are visible.  When i am adding version to the layer i am selecting the previous layer as base layer.


please let me know if anybody has come across this situation. Today i called up Citrix and they are investigating the issue. 

Thanks in Advance.

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Were you doing anything with prerequisites?  I don't necessarily expect Programs and Features to be accurate in a published image (the Updates list certainly is not), but an app layer is linear.  Every new version is just an increment to the previous version.  Now, we have had bugs in the past where sometimes registry data could get lost, so I strongly recommend upgrading to the latest and recreating the layer from scratch to see if the problem happens again.  But if you're using prerequisites, make absolutely sure you always include the prerequisites every time you edit the layer.  I could imagine that something could get confused if data from a prerequisite layer goes away in a later version.


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