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XenApp7.15 List servers that have Application tag for a specific application

Philip van Klink


In XenApp 7.15 we use Application Tags to restrict application launches (via Application Groups and tag restrictions) to specific servers and everything works as expected.

In Citrix studio we can see, under Server OS Machines these tags associated with the servers.


Using PowerShell I can query a server to get a list of all the tags assigned to a specific server. This tells me the applications that are published on each server

Get-BrokerTag -MachineUid $servername.Uid | Select-object name

(where $servername = = Get-BrokerMachine domain\server)


What I would like to do in PowerShell is to get a list of the servers that have a tag restriction for a specific application.

ie show me the server(s) that this application will launch on


I can query an application group and see how many machines have the tag restriction, but I really want to see a list of these servers

In this example I can see word2016 is assigned to 3 servers. How do i find out what 3 servers via powershell?


Get-BrokerApplicationGroup -name AG-Word2016 | select-object name, restricttotag, TotalMachinesWithTagRestriction

Name       RestrictToTag  TotalMachinesWithTagRestriction

----       -------------  -------------------------------

AG-Word2016 AppTag_Word2016                               3



Each application has its own Application group and own tag which is used to restrict the server it is launched on

Application Name: Word2016

AppGroup Name: AG-Word2016

RestrictToTag: AppTag_Word2016


Can someone help me with this?

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