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Still not possible to copy Citrix studio polices from Site A to Site B ?

Stephen D. Holder


Say folks,


What is the fastest way to copy Citrix polices (in studio, not GPOs) to another site I independently spun up?


I see our good friend Carl says..,

>> Citrix Policies can be easily configured in Citrix Studio and stored in the site database. However, they are not portable, meaning that you can’t export them from one Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops site/farm and import them to another.


Just wondering if Citrix Studio polices still requires a manual one-by-one effort to transfer over to another site, or if someone has a quick hack.

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Carl good sir, that 3rd party tool did the trick.


Didn't look like you could select which ones your wanted (one guy wanted to copy certain ones from 7.6 to 7.15).. so it was a more "all or nothing"  type deal, but for a full out copy, this should work.


FYI to anyone else who goes for this tool,  the "transferring" period was very bland and completely resembled a hung app, (white ghosting boxes, and stuff like that.)  When it says be patient , be patient. especially if you are copying over a ton of polices.


Goes without saying, this is unsanctioned by Citrix, yada yada,  so Bart, if you come across the power-shell scripts - give 'em a post!



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