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Netscaler SDX 8920 resource allocation

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Hi Folks,


In previous SDX hardware(11000) we had physical ssl chips that we can assign to the VPX instances.

With newer SDX(8920) and 12.1 we cannot see that option


Does that mean 8920 doesn’t come with physical ssl chips for decryption and only have ACU and SCU


How can we calculate the requirements we need to provide to each VPX instance.


Also how do we calculate how much resources we need to provide to the VPX in terms of memory , CPU , bandwidth, can this be calculated so that we size our VPX instances in a better manner.


Thanks in advance.


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To answer your question about  physical  SSL chips:


The 59xx/89xx series MPX does not have SSL hardware. These platforms are Intel Coleto Chip based. 


"The Intel Coleto Creek SSL chipset uses SR-IOV pass-thru support to achieve isolation as well. However, the Intel Coleto Creek chipset does not have cores, rather it has crypto engines. As a result, allocation of SSL is done using Crypto Capacity Management. With the Coleto Creek chipset, there are 32 virtual functions (VF) assigned per chip."




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