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7.15 LTSR - USB Redirection very slow with Receiver/ICA but RDP to the same VM works good

Robert Madrian




we use 7.15 LTSR with PVS 7.15 and have the problem that USB Devices (Sticks, HDD) are very very slow - if I copy files from such a device
the speed is between 0KB and max. 800KB/s, sometimes there is a longer break and then for a short time speed up t0 2MB/s but most of the time nothing happens...


we have no special Citrix settings (limitations) and the problem also exists if we disable Viruscanner - it also exists if we access the session from Windows Receiver or
from Dell Wyse ThinOS 5070 Client so it might be a Windows 10 (1803) or XenDesktop problem?


Update: if I connect to such a VM with RDP with the USB Device mapped the performance is good between 1,5-2MB/s which is as expected - so it seems there is a problem

with Citrix ICA?


Update2: if I use the USB Stick as redirected (see it under device manager and in taskbar) it is very slow - if I use it as a networkdrive it works as expected

Why is it so slow as redirected device?


any ideas?


regards robert

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