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Citrix Workspace - Keyboard suddenly doesn't work at all

Maurice Lemmens




I'm using citrix workspace to log-in to my company workspace from home. Since yesterday I have an issue with the keyboard. It's completely not working. 

The keyboard works fine while working on the PC and it's connected with USB. In Citrix preferences the keyboard is listed (see attachment). 


I tried:

- Using another USB-port

- Reïnstalling Citrix

- Changed some keyboard preferences

- Resetting Citrix Workspace

- Turn off/on PC

- Disconnect/reconnect powercable PC

- IT-services from my company can't help, they say it's a problem in Citrix.


Please help me fix the problem.


Kind regards,

Maurice Lemmens


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Hi, had a very similar problem. My USB keyboard works, and from time to time, suddenly, stops. When I unplug it and plug it back in, it works again for an unspecified amount of time. And then I tested older USB keyboard. Which works without problem. And when I read this reply here, by David Clark, it hit me! Built-in USB hub! The company I work for also blocks the external USB drives and usb hub, even unplugged, does appear as one. So there it is - can't use keyboards with built-in USB HUB,

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