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Nvidia Grid cards and XenApp 7.15 LTSR CU2

Andy White1709154166




We use XenApp 7.15 LTSR CU2.  We use published Apps and Published desktops to users.


I've added the K1 Nvidia Grid cards to our VDA workers servers and users are working just fine.  I can't see much of a difference, but are there any additional settings to be done once added?


We also use WEM and I'm not sure if this has any settings to implement too.



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In Studio the only policies I see relating to optimise are:




However I did find this:




then within that:




Not sure if this is it or not though.


Bottom of step 5 mentions enabling HDX3Dpro on Desktops but we use XenApp as a desktop, I guess they mean if you are using VDI which we don't.




We just open Workspace and choose a remote desktop.

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Thats strange, from the Citrix articles I read from 7.15CU1 I think that policy setting should exist. 


These are my settings but worth a try setting these  to see if you get HDX3DPro showing as the provider like I have:


User setting- Enable Lossless - Allowed

User setting- HDX3DPro Quality - Default ticked

User setting- Use hardware encoding for video codec - Enabled

User setting- Use video codec for compression - For Activity Changing Regions

User setting- Visual Quality - High


Computer setting- Display Memory Limit - 131072kb


After setting these in a policy and assigning it to the GRID desktop give the machine a reboot then try out the HDXmonitor again. 

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Hi there,


If you go into the Graphics- Thinwire section on the HDX montior it should hopefully show HDX3dPro (Nvidia) under the provider. 


In regards to GPU Shark, it will not show you the usage % part that is hidden away in the Nvidia-smi commands. If you see the GPU memory going up and down though thats a good sign. 


If you want to see the usage in % at the time use the Nvidia-SMI commands whilst your playing a video and watch it go up and down there. 


Just a note, best to test with a local video file if possible first as HTML5 video and such needs to be configured in the Citrix Policies to work at its best. 

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Hi mate,


We are XenDesktop (Windows 81. & 10) with GRID but there should be little difference to XenApp with the setup and policies. 


On your XenApp desktop if you right click and go to the screen resolution area does it state NVidia GRID as the display at all there?


Also did you install the Nvidia Control Panel & nView Desktop Manager when you installed the drivers on the VM?





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This is a very strange one, your setup looks pretty much exactly the same as ours just we are XenDesktop but shouldn't make a huge difference and vSphere 6.0 rather than 6.5. 


Only thing I can think of is the VDA has not installed in HDX3DPro mode....it should do automatically but can you check the below from within your VM when you have connected via Receiver/Workspace (not RDP):



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Hi mate,


Yeah as you go converting each host to GRID you will want to remove all PCI pass through from the old setup at server level and all needs doing is the GRID profile adding to each VM. The Nvidia GRID manager thats now installed on the hosts manages the pass through rather than VMWare. 


Apologies my info may have been a little out of date on the VDA install part.....the later VDA installs no longer have the HDX3DPro tick option on install. Citrix say if the GPU is being passed and the correct NVidia drivers are found the VDA auto installs in this mode. 


After doing the fresh VDA install as normal try the below tool on the VM to make sure you are running in 3DPRO mode:




If so then the fun begins where you are going to have to create a Citrix Policy for enabling/disabling 3D features to get the best out of the GPUs. 



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Looks better.


Could not get nvidia-smi to work unless we removed one pci device from the pci passthrough


I now see this:




I've installed the Windows driver too and rebooted.


However I run the XenApp_and_XenDesktop_7_15_2000.iso file as I need to add the HDX3DPro mode, but it doesn't show in the install:








Getting closer, any ideas here?

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Hi bud,


Do you still have the PCI pass through enabled on the host where you used to bring in the GPU cores?


If you go to the host you now have GRID enabled on, go to configure & then PCI Devices does it show some GPU cores in there? if so they need removing by configuring the pass through and rebooting the host at which point they should be gone and the VMs should hopefully now boot. 


If you have any other running VM's on that host using the old GPU pass through method I would shut them down, remove the pass through and re-configure all with 140q profiles. 






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Hi Tom,


Right 1 of the hosts now has the VIB diver installed.  I have to then update my test Citrix VM to the later VMware hardware version (6.5 or 6.7 I think) then I edited the VM and added a shared PCI device and got his show up:




I chose the profile you mentioned and then attempted to boot the VM up and go this message:




Have you seen this before?




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Ahhh ok, your using vDGA which is a VMWare technology at the moment not Nvidia GRID. Its still a form of GPU pass through but you don't get the benefits of the GRID features and unfortunately its not as effective.


If you were using GRID you would see the attached image. 


If you are in the position to do so I would strongly advise moving to Nvidia GRID....you have purchased GRID cards after all you may as well get the best from them! The guide attached in my earlier post is the full run through on how to setup GRID and such but its not too complicated. 



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