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Office 365 Install on XenDesktop Image - Considerations and How To?

John Francis1709160537


I have been reading about this and trying to understand better in how to install Office 365 on XenDesktop Image for Persistent Desktops and Non-Persistent Desktops.

I have the Office Deployment Tool downloaded and the Office Image (I suppose) which is there which is under the Office folder.


I have three files


Office <folder>

InstallOfficeProPlus32. XML file

setup application file


These are residing on my network drive. I am trying to map using Net Use command so that I can run from the command line with the 

setup.exe /configure installOfficeProPlus32.xml 


and I am unable to map using the Net Use command. If I map it through map network drive GUI, I can but when at command prompt I type the Z: drive or S: drive whichever I mapped it to, it would not go there and get an error "The system cannot find the drive specified". Figuring out how best to go about installing this. Also, what are the considerations that I need to take for persistent desktops. I am not sure about ONE drive


1. Is it available default to users and

2. How is the Licensing activation,

3. Should I configure it within the XML file while installing it as Shared license

4. How about Cached Exchange Mode


Too many questions in one, please let me know. I am doing the Office 365 install for the first time in XD.


Thanks in advance!


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MSI runs as a system service so it doesn't have access to your mapped drives. UAC has a similar problem. Use UNC instead.


Office GPO can also enable shared computer activation. And you can configure a registry key to enable it.


Cached Exchange Mode is a controversial topic. Generally the best solution is full clone persistent desktops. For non-persistent or RDSH, try FSLogix. Citrix UPM 7.18+ has an OST and Search Index roaming feature.

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carl's right for the most part, a few things to note as well


1. fslogix future is unknown not that ms bought it, just an fyi to be mindful of.  they are only offering 1 yr support agreements moving forward from what i heard.

2. search index is kinda limited, such as outlook 2016 64bit is not supported, kinda a v1.0 feature and i expect they will expand this in the future.

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