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Cant login to XenCenter, xenAPI failed

HAUMUN TUANG1709160700


My problem is after restart toolstack from xenceter, i can't login to xencenter.

But i can login to xenserver from ssh.


I don't know what is the main problem but what i thought is xenapi is the main problem.

And my disk is almost full, even i have a 2TB disk. I just  import only just 5 vms.


every time i type xe command it returns Error: Connection refused (calling connect )


Please help me guys,,




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Alan Lantz thanks for your reply, i just solved the problem after restart xenserver.


Can i ask u another question.

My local storage is 1TB and i have only 2 VMs, but when i type df -h, 92% was used.

Where is the 1TB?


Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda1             4.0G  3.5G  337M  92% /
none                  373M   28K  373M   1% /dev/shm
                       52M   52M     0 100% /var/xen/xc-install


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Your VM SR data is stored in LVM and won't show up as a typical file system. Your 4Gb allocated to /dev/sda1 

is just for XenServer which really should be below the 80% mark. I suggest cleaning up your filesystem. 

You can Google for how and what is safe to remove. Since your /dev/sda1 is 4Gb I assume you are either

on the 6.x version or a 7.x version that was upgraded. If you have large drives I know its a pain but doing

a clean XenServer install to gain the new partition layout you will have a 18Gb /dev/sda1. 




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4 Gb pre 7.x Versions, 18Gb or greater for 7.x versions. The installer makes an educated guess

during a clean install on how to allocate disk space.  The 6.x versions were always running 

tight on disk space, didn't leave much wiggle room for large log files.







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