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Per-App/On demand VPN, transfer session issue

Nils Andreas Myhre

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Citrix ADC

Microsoft Intune

Apple iPad IOS 12.1

Citrix SSO app 1.1.11(134)


Have anyone experience in using Citrix ADC as VPN gateway for Intune MDM managed Per-App VPN?

I'm having a issue when NOSPILLOVER is configured and there is a preexisting session.


We've set up Citrix ADC to use BASIC certificate authentication with LDAP group extraction to use AD groups to manage Intranet IP range, and published applications. I have configured a session policy bound directly on the gateway vserver.

Use Intranet IP: NOSPILLOVER, Clientless Access: Disabled, Plug-in Type: Windows/MAX OS X, ICA Proxy: OFF, Default Authorization Action: DENY(Resource authorization allowed by policy bound to group)


My setup works as intended and iPads can use internal resources through VPN managed by Intune. However if I would launch the app which connects VPN, and then reboot the iPad and try to connect again, the VPN gets stuck "connecting". If I manually kill the active user session on Citrix ADC, and force a disconnect in the iPad and relaunch the app the VPN connects again with no issue.


I belive that the on demand VPN part of Citrix SSO app is not handling transfer login. I can confirm that the transfer login logic kicks in by, manually configuring the VPN and launching it interactively. I then get prompted to transfer login. This issue is not present if I configure SPILLOVER in the session Profile. It will then use subnet IP instead of Intranet IP, but that's undesired behavior. 



I have created a case with Citrix support, but I want to give the forums a shot as well.






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