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vDisk Cannot be accessed (a)

Chris Benali1709159201




There doesn't seem to be much info on this issue out there so I thought I'd ask in the hope someone has come across a similar issue. It occurred after deploying a new vDisk version, now every time I try to recreate a vDisk or new version in this particular vDisk I get the same issue, no other vDisks seem to be affected.


The issue is that target devices will only connect to the PVS server that it was created on, if I attempt to boot a target device from the alternative PVS server I get the error "vDisk cannot be accessed (a)"


Nothing has changed, the Service Account for the Steaming service is a Local Admin and has Full Control of the vDisk store and the vDisk files.


I have set the vDisk to only deploy from the working PVS server via the Load Balancing setting but this isnt ideal, Citrix cant assist because our PVS version is 7.9 currently.


Has anyone experienced this issue that could maybe give me a clue as to how to resolve it?



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14 minutes ago, Rex Major said:

@Chris Benali1709159201 - Did you manage to resolve this issue? 


I am having a similar issue on 7.14 






Yes, in the end after all the troubleshooting and frustration it turned out to be the .pvp files had a different time stamp, I cant remember exactly what I did but I think I created a new merge base, redistributed the VDISK files and it started working. I still dont know why it did that every time I created a new version but the incorrect time stamp was definitely the issue.

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1 hour ago, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

Maintenance versions are essentially private image mode.


What does Replication status show for your vDisks?


Thanks, the same happens for Production versions of the vDisk


Replication has always been odd, it shows an alert but clicking into it shows the vDisk present on both PVS servers for a Production and Maintenance versions of the vDisk experiencing this issue



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I had the same "vDisk Cannot be accessed (a) error" with the vDisk in Private mode.


The issue was simply because the vDisk was mounted in Disk Management on the PVS server, so the target couldn't get exclusive read/write access to the vDisk.


After Detaching the vDisk I was able to boot into Private mode again.



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