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Citrix Workspace App artefacts

Andrzej Perlinski



I'm using mac + Citrix Workspace app and have artefacts problem. It started about one week ago after upgrade to:

Citrix Workspace app 1901 for Mac

Feb 5, 2019| NEW

right now I downgraded to:

Citrix Workspace app 1812 for Mac

Dec 14, 2018

but problem still remains.

My friend with similar setup (mac + Citrix Workspace) has same problems. Therefore it should't be my machnie fault...

Any suggestions? I'm blocked and cannot wrok :(



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Any updates regarding the issue? We have exactly the same Problem with MacOS BYOD Users. Even with Workspace App 1903.


As soon as we set  the "Use video codec for compression" Policy to "Do not use", it is OK. But the performance impact is too big. If we set the Policy to "For the entire screen", the whole session is unusable.


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On 2/22/2019 at 2:49 PM, Tejus Adiga M said:

Can you try running this command on macOS terminal bofore you launch a desktop session

defaults write com.citrix.receiver.nomas PreferMetalRendering -bool NO



Thanks, this worked for me! I was getting weird artefacts appear in some Excel cells, no longer appearing after I ran this command

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