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Basic load balancing for OWA Exchange 2019

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5 hours ago, Eric Vegter said:

The suggested registry keys to 'unharden' the TLS handshaking indeed solves the problem for the netscaler 12.x version. For v13 it is working with the hardening in place, but for that to work you have to set the SSL profile block renegotiation setting to insecure only. You can do that in the global advanced settings or in a custom SSL profile you bind to for example the service group.


Thanks all for contributing!


Does v13 actually support TLS EMS? Last I read there was no NS version that supports the extension yet but maybe Citrix released something since I last looked? 


Edit: Actually if you have to disable renegotiation then I don't think it is supported yet, which kind of blows my mind that a "current" SSL proxy does not support this in 2020. 

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