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Using dual monitors on Mac Mojave 10.14.3 and Citrix Workspace

Marcy Satalich


I am using a Mac mini with Mojave 10.14.3 and connecting with remote desktop via Citrix Workspace In the remote desktop settings, I have selected "Use all my monitors for the remote session". I log into my work computer from my Mac at home and can only use my left monitor. I open a browser winder and I can't see it because it's loading way on the right where my other monitor would be. I had dual monitors successfully working a couple of weeks ago, but I don't remember if it was before I downloaded Citrix Workspace 19. I was using 18. Are dual monitors not supported? Would greatly appreciate any help. This issue is making it very difficult to work from home. Thanks.

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I just encountered this problem and did find a solution.


  1. go to Citrix website and download 12.9.1.
  2. also download the auto updater.
  3. open Citrix installer and choose the "Remove Citrix Receiver" option to remove all elements of previous version.
  4. once completed, choose "Install Citrix Receiver" to re-install. It will open as "Citrix Workspace"
  5. Once completed, open the AutoUpdater download and install.


Make sure to address the appropriate option under Safari/preferences/website to allow use of Citrix Workspace.

Citrix now works as before.


Good luck. It certainly caused me a lot of grief these past two days!!

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I found that downgrading to Receiver 12.9.1 also fixed the problem of Workspace 19 not being able to gracefully handle dual monitors on a Mac (by making the Citrix client windows too wide and not properly showing them on the other monitor). 


Regrettably, this means we cannot upgrade the OS beyond Mojave, as Catalina will enforce 64 bit only apps, and Receiver is 32 bit.

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