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WEM Backup/Restore of certain objects

Olly Thompson1709156630


I understand that certain objects within WEM are not included in backup/restore process - Assignments being one of these. I have read that this may be due to the complexities around the way they sit in the database? Regardless, are there any plans to add the likes of assignments or conditions etc into the backup/restore process.


If not, does anyone have a viable alternative?



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Installed a new customer environment at the end of 2018 and i'm getting ready to go back to fix the snag issues they have after initial user testing and this has come up on the snag list. 


The assignments and conditions are possibly the most time consuming configs to put in, so it would be nice if this were available. I suppose DB backups will have to do for now though

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On 2/21/2019 at 7:09 AM, James Kindon said:

not that are publicly available yet - but i know a very smart lad who has some tools on the way :)


What's your use case?


Same here. We would create an Test environment of our productive Setup. And i can restore much settings but no Assignments and no Filters (that is a big Problem for us) 
Can you help us ? Do you now a Tool ?

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