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Storefront 3.12 passthrough from Netscaler Gateway not working on Windows 2016

Julien Aknin1709154270

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  Actually we are on Netscaler  12.0.53 + storefront 3.12.2000.8 on windows 2012 and when we hit the GW the passtrough from Netscaler GW works fine and users can launch apps.


Now we wanted to migrate all infra servers on Windows 2016, we installed new servers with this OS and configure the storefront on same version (3.12.2000) and exactly same configuration but unfortunatly when we changed the SG on NS VIP, users  log on the NSGW and are now prompted again on Storefront, like the NS was not passing the credentials.


The auth "passthrough from netscaler gateway" is correclty configured and the Hosts file is configured so the SF can reach the NS GW VIP


Is there any difference from 2012 and 2016 ? I might have missed something...


Thanks for your help





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We have exactly the same issue, same OS but latest Storefront version. I see the following error in the eventlog: A request was sent to service 'AUTH' that was detected as passing through a gateway. This service is configured with the gateways [Netscaler1234], but none of these matched the request.  Request details:

If I enter my login again, I get the following message "Your logon has expired. Please log on again to continue"  I already applied the changes of this KB article

https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX204766 but still the same

Any idea what this could be?

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