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Exported VM's still consist of "deleted" data

Mauritz Swanepoel


I have a VM which is 100GB is size hosted on a LVM SR. We also make daily snapshot exports. The exports grew as the VM grew (up to about 80gb in size) - We then deleted about 70GB from teh actual vm (reducing the actual VM size to about 10gb/100gb), yet, the exports still appear to consume the full 70gb in size. This to me indicates that although I delete the files within the vm, it never truly clears the free space from the VM vdi. 


Is this correct and what options do we have? I have considered migrating the VM's to another hypervisor making us of thin provisioning, but not sure if this will help?

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Hyper-V has an option to "compact" a virtual disk. My understanding is that the VM has to be shutdown and you can perform a disk operation that will "reset" the VHD back to the actual space consumed. I have done multiple imports and exports and the issue persists. The actual VHD only has about 500GB of actual files etc, but when we do an export (and import), the same VHD still has 1.1TB usage (even after we migrated around 600GB to other VM's). 


What options does Citrix offer in it's hypervisor to reclaim the "free space" on a VM VHD when the files are deleted from the VM itself?

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