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stand alone provisioning services

Kodiak Olsen


Can the citrix provisioning services be a stand alone option? i have local servers setup at locations and use thick clients in the same building the servers are hosted. i want to use the provisioning service to "stream" a master image down to the devices. this is for a library setup (patrons only). for broad strokes: i want a patron to log on with a new desktop image based on the master image. they can go online and do whatever they desire. when they log off i want the image to clear any actions by the previous user. From everything i have read this is something the PVS can do by itself. However what i have read the PVS seems to always come along wit xen desktop and i dont feel that i need to use xen desktop. any advice or confirmations would be greatly welcomed. Thank you. 

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Yes, you can.  It's how we are evaluating PVS right now, in fact.  We have a Citrix Cloud subscription, but the PVS infrastructure isn't connected to our Cloud instance in any way right now.


I do wish Citrix would allow you to buy and use just PVS like the did back int he mists of time - I really have no need for XenDesktop, Delivery Groups, etc.  I just want to stream images to physical targets, and use App-V and FSLogix for application/profile management.  It's what Jentu is offering now, but Citrix will never split it out again.

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