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Enable SSL on Linux VDA 7.16 but still connecting thru port 1494

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Im using a Linux VDA 7.16 and Ive installed the certificates, ran the script, enabled the delivery group to be SSL, etc. but when I open a program (Terminal) I still see the communication going thru 1494


Doing on the VDA a tail/grep of /var/log/xdl/vda.log (i believe that is a file) and looking for ssl* I see a lot of write, success, etc and dont see any errors related to SSL.


Why is the communication still going thru 1494 instead of 443? In the enable ssl script I just gave it the server certificate and the root ca as parameters. Am I missing something?

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Follow up:


I was starting to suspect that the enable_vdassl.sh script bundled with 7.16 wasnt working.


I downloaded the latest VDA (1811), extracted just the script and ran it and: It works...There seems to be something wrong with the script...Probably the firewall rules arent being set correctly so Citrix should revise that.


That being said, Im having a strange issue:


Internally, thru Storefront, Im able to open a Linux XenApp application perfectly and it connects thru 443. I ran a packet capture and indeed, after confirming that it is connecting to said VDA thru 443, I also see the traffic encrypted. So it is working....


The strange part is that if I attempt to connect externally, thru a Netscaler, from Windows to the Linux VDA, it gives me a SSL Error 4: The operation completed succesfully. I once again did a packet capture and the odd part is that Im seeing the connection trying to connect DIRECTLY to the VDA thru port 1494.  I dont really understand WHY it is doing this.


Any ideas?

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