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Adobe Photoshop Brush Performance

Bastian Frohnhoefer


Hi everybody, we having an issue with the Photoshop Brush.

We are using VDA 1808.2 with enabled HDX3D pro on two systems:


-Remote Desktop to PCs with Nvidia GTX660

-WIN10 VMs with Nvidia Tesla M60


On the Remote Desktops we are using Photoshop CS5 and if we try to brighten parts of the picture with a big brush (614px as example)

The brush will begin to "jump" over the picture, so its not smooth anymore. If we use a smaller brush it seems ok.


If we do the same directly on the PC the brush is working fine.


On the Win10 VMs (XenServer 7.6) we are using Photoshop CC and trying to do the same. Here the cursor is not jumping but the refresh rate seems not fast enough.

So if we move the cursor over the picture the cursor will shown correctly, but the area which should be brighten changes seconds after the cursor was at this area.

So the area don't change live with the cursor in place but with a delay.


We tried this with "High" HDX 3DPro setting and also "lossless"


We are also using Autodesk 3DSMax on both machines without any issue so it should be possible to use a big brush, shouldn´t it?


Any hints would be appreciated.




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