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EDT/UDP-Problem with WLAN

Andreas Nix


In our Xernapp-Farm (VDAs with W2K8R2 and Xenapp 7.15 CU1) we changed the HDX-protocol from TCP-only to EDT/UDP as preffered.

All works fine, most of the clients connect with UDP, some clients behind VPN or Netscaler make a fallback to TCP.


But only the clients who are working with WLAN get a problem: I can see the session established in Director, but no application is seen on the client desktop.


When we deny UDP in the firewall the WLAN-connection falls back to TCP and published application appears.

Another workaround was to reduce the MTU size on the VDA lower than 1500, for example 1400 - reduction on the client doesn't help.


We set the EnablePMTUBHDetect=1 on the VDA but it doesn't help.


Any ideas?

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EDT/UDP cannot be fragmented, you have to find out, which is the lowest MTU-Size in your company.

Our networker said, that they set the lowest MTU to 1198 (VPN), so I updated my DEFAULT.ICA on the Storefront-Servers, like this:






Look at https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX231821

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