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user layer not compatible with MCS static desktop ?

tai jing



I got error when i login VDI(enable user layer)

 This system was not shutdown properly. Please log off immediately and contact your system administrator.

i found number of  errors in the logfiles

ERROR 7 VdiDynamicLayeringService: Not mounting user layer because O/S disk was not reverted.

ERROR 7 VdiDynamicLayeringService: Caught exception: 'Uni.Core.Handlers.Exceptions.GlobalizedErrorException`1[Uni.Core.Contract.Results.UserLayerOsDiskNotReverted]: MessageId=ULayerCustomizableUserLayerError, DefaultTitle=, CategoryData={[UserLayerOsDiskNotReverted { MessageResourceId = "ULayerUserLayerOsDiskNotRevertedDefaultMessage" }]}
   at Unidesk.Guest.LayeringService.Services.VdiDynamicLayeringService.AttachUepDisk(IWindowsId windowsId)' trying to attach a User Layer


do i have to create pool ramdom desktop when i enable user layer? 


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2 hours ago, Rob Zylowski1709158051 said:

Yes the user layer and really all of layering is designed to work on pooled desktops.


You can use a statically assigned desktop but not a persistent one and it must be rebooted after logout.



pooled (ramdom) and pooled (static) both supported for user layer ?

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The word "static" always scares me, so let me be more pedantic here.  For User Layers, all machines must be nonpersistent.  As long as the machine is persistent, then you can handle your user assignments however you want.


VMware Horizon View, for instance, does not have a way to have a static assignment with nonpersistent machines.  (Or, it didn't have a way the last time I looked.)  You have to choose either persistent with static assignment, or nonpersistent with floating assignments.  So in the Horizon View world, "static" is effectively the same as saying "persistent". 


But if your connection broker supports static user assignments on nonpersistent machines, yup, User Layers will work just fine.

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