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Partially blank screen in Citrix session

Katrina Cruz


Hi all,


One of our users is experiencing an intermittent issue, in which some applications (Windows Explorer, Chrome, Excel) are not fully rendered (see area highlighted in yellow in screenshot below). Blank area is not interactive (actions apply to whatever window is underneath). Some applications (Chrome) could be fixed by toggling fullscreen mode. Issue is temporarily resolved by logging off and back on, but returns at random. Not all applications affected simultaneously. 




Receiver is fully updated to the latest.


Nothing weird I could find in event logs.


Tried Shift+F2 and other key combinations.

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Hey Katrina,


I am also have been getting this problem. I am on version 7.17 (all vda's were recently updated to 1811) but that did not help either. Does not seem to matter receiver version, 4.12 or workspace. 

We run our own inhouse developed application (seamless) and title bars will randomly go missing but you can still interact  with them.


I came across, https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX222592 and started playing with different settings for the registry entry of the Seamlessflags.

Normally I had only set it to hex 40000 to disable the lanaguage bar but now after some testing I have it at 61806 (hex)

It seems ok so far but I have not done extensive testing yet.



Add SeamlessFlags (dword) 

Value ?? (I currently use 61806)

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We could get this via RDP as well as our seamless app. What we ended up doing was doing a brand new fresh install of the latest ISO for server 2012 R2. Applying all latest windows updates and then doing our software install. So far that seems to have resolved our issues of random missing bars and stuff.

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