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Mount an EXT4 disk plugged into SATA

Camille Flahaut


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Thank you for your answers


I have a hard drive with xen installed with a debian VM. In addition, I have an EXT4 hard drive (plugged into SATA) which is full and I do not want to format. I wanted to attach this hard drive EXT4 to my VM debian.


Is it possible ?


Please excuse me for the understanding, I am French and it is not easy to write in English.



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After installation is difficult. Its much easier with XenServer to have hardware in place then do the installation. Adds/Removes/Changes

later can be difficult to darn near impossible. If this is just extra storage not so bad, but if its to increase dom0 space then I would go

with a clean install.




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You can go through your RAID manager and create an additional RAID 1 drive and add it via the CLI as a separate local storage SR. If you want to combine all the available drives into a single local storage SR,  it is done via concatenation (which may not be desirable with such separate drives) and has to be done as part of the initial installation and cannot be done later, as Alan stated above.

As to adding additional local storage, see: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX130897



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