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Company McAfee Agent Appeared on Personal Computer

Markus Hector


I'm running Linux 9 Stable Stretch with Desktop Environment Plasma. I logged into work (from home) via Citrix Receiver earlier to check the status of a process.


I closed the desktop terminal on my personal computer but I think I might of forgotten to log off in my browser before I closed it. A few hours later, I noticed McAfee on my taskbar on my personal computer. I clicked on About and copy pasted the text, it's displayed below between the ***. I masked what I think might be personal information in bold.



System Information  
Computer Name: A 12 alpha numeric code in upper case

McAfee Data Exchange Layer  
Version number:
Build date: May 31, 2018
DXL Connected State: Connected
Broker DNS Name: lowercase_similar to computer name *dot mycompanyname *dot my province *dot my country

Broker Address: An IP address ##.#.###.##
Broker Port Number: A 4 digit port number

McAfee Agent  
Version number:
Status: Managed
SuperAgent: Peer to Peer
Last security update check: 2/9/2019 7:58:47 PM
Last agent-to-server communication: 2/9/2019 7:12:55 PM
Agent to Server Communication Interval (every): 1 hour
Policy Enforcement Interval (every): 1 hour
Agent ID: {a long upper alpha numeric code with dashes}
ePO Server/Agent Handler  
DNS Name: uppercase_similar to computer name *dot mycompanyname *dot my province *dot my country
IP Address: Another IP address ##.#.###.##
Port Number: A 3 digit port number

McAfee Active Response  
Version number:
Language: Multiple

McAfee Endpoint Security  
Version number: 10.5
For module and content information, view the About page   
in the McAfee Endpoint Security Client   

Copyright © 1995-2017 McAfee LLC.  
All Rights Reserved.  



I know my personal computer is kept private from a citrix receiver connection from work but this has my scratching my head. How did this get on my personal computer? (I can't find any traces of it after rebooting)

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Yip as you said, appears the Citrix session is still active and its showing the McAfee agent from the Citrix server you have connected to. A lot of the icons in the systray can be hidden so would look at doing that, then it shouldn't show on your local PC when you connect to the virtual desktop.

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