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XenServer 7.1 CU1, four more IP-Addresses on xenbr2 and xenbr3

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Hello Alan, hello Tobias,




we have four iscsi-targets on an active-active storage cluster. Each target can be moved to one of the member of the cluster. Each of these targets are bound to two virtrual IP-address (on two seperate 10G-NICs) which move from one member to the other (manual or failover). These two IP-addresses per target will be bound together via multipath. In the end we will have eight virtual ip-adresses (four targets x two NICs).


On the other side we have three xenserver in a pool. Each of these server has also two 10G NICs. Every NIC muss have a connection to one virtual ip-address. The four virtual ip-addresses have to be in four separate subnets, therefor we need four ip-addresses on each NIC on the xenservers.


Further information:

Page 42



Any howtos about multiple IPs/subnets on one NIC i have found so far dont work with 7.1 CU1


Thanks in advance.

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Hello, me problem is not multipath (not yet), i just want to assign 4 more ip-addresses to one NIC. Everything works fine, when i add them via

ip addr add dev xenbr3

But after a reboot, the address is gone.


I found several solutions e.g. adding /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-xenbr3:1


This works with manualy executing "ifup xenbr3:1" but after a reboot the ip isnt reassigned. Seems like this solution does not work with 7.1 any more.

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