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Virtual Apps 7 1811 - can't launch published apps

Evan Mann1709152793


Singe Server 2016 VDA, single Server 2012 R2 running controller and StoreFront on one machine., everything is on Virtual Apps 7 1811.  TLS communication is enabled, between VDA and Controller/StoreFront valid and trusted certs in place (Comodo)., cipher order on VDA changed per important note in this KB:  https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/xenapp-and-xendesktop/7-15-ltsr/secure/tls.html


I can't get any published apps to launch, from admin user or regular user.  Both user types can make full RDP sessions  When I have my StoreFront login set to launch using receiver (using new Workspace app)  it shows "Connection established, negotiating capabilities" for about 7 seconds then it stops doing anything. 


When it stops trying to launch the app, I am left with a stuck winlogon.exe and logonui.exe on the server that is from that session.


I made the registry change in this article https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX232490?_ga=2.81600023.1852105969.1549580913-1936826819.1547742369 but it hasn't helped anything.


The System log on the VDA has a series of entries from Tdica starting with 1004/ICA Transport Driver has received a connection request), then 1019 which is an error entry and it says there is no description for the event ID from source Tdica so this log entry provides me no details.  It all shows me is included device is \Device\tdica, ICA, IP of my computer, port 443.


Sometimes I have log entry on VDA in Citrix/AppExperience/Seamless/Operation that reads "Seamless application timed out since no applications were found after 60000 ms", but this doesn't occur on every attempt.


On the Controller, I have system log Schannel event ID errors 36874 and 36888 that sometimes have corresponding timestamps to attempts to launch published apps and sometimes they don't, so I don't know if there is some TLS communication issue or not.


Access to the delivery group is specified via the "Domain Users" group, and access to the applications is specified via AD security groups that only have direct members (no nesting).


I'm stumped.

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I ran into a similar issue when connecting to a published Desktop.

The session seems to run normally on the VDA, but the Picture on the Client freezes a few seconds after session launch. (keeps displaying "applying user settings)

Eventlog Show TdIca 1019 Messages.


If I manually disconnect the Session and reconnect it the session works fine.


Setting up a Policy to set "Visual Quality" to "Always lossless" seems to be Workaround.

Maybe you can try this?





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