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WEM Agent 1811 stuck at logon at least 30 seconds

Hermann Schwager


Hi all

i'm new to WEM and have a Problem with the Agent.

I want to test WEM in an XenApp 1811 environmemnt. VDA is installed on a Virtual Server 2019.

I have set a couple of settings and they will be applied successfully but with a delay of at least 30 seconds. (during this Time the desktop is unresponsive)

In the Agent log i can see "reading agent initial configuration" stuck for at least 30 seconds.

Check & uncheck of "Bypass ie4unit Check" with no success

any help is appreciated

thx Rene


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we have here similar symptoms. We have upgrading the Infrastructure Citrix WEM 4.5 to 1811. Now we have found that we have one of our 10 domains (Active Directory) trusts which appears in the WEM Broker Server and makes problems. We have solved these problems. But the server still eats up RAM and blocks a lot of (all?) Ports for LDAP queries. (netstat -ano)


Do you already have a solution? Or is that synonymous with you with the many ports / queries to LDAP?



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Hi Rene,


I still have a question about your surroundings to find a parallel to ours. Do you or a domain controller in the forest still use the operating system MS Server 2003?


A customer of us unfortunately still has an old 2003 DC in use and the WEM server makes so many LDAP requests that this many ports on the WEM server "waiting" holds


citrix contacted today and provided a remote maintenance and now has to pass the problem on to the development.

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I have this exact issue with two seperate clients running 1812 WEM Cloud... I dont really want to setup onprem version of WEM Cloud as the management overhead, I have used Many different versions from 4.3->4.7 and many different clients, but these are the first two to use WEM Cloud.


1) VDA - 2012r2 - Please Wait for the Citrix WEM User Logon Service for 10-15 seconds each logon

2) VDA - 2016 - Please Wait for the Citrix WEM User Logon Service for 30-45 seconds each logon



i really need this resolved, they are both single domains no other requirements.




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If it helps, your not alone, we have exactly the same issue in exactly the same area of the WEM launch process. We are running around 600 agents (mixture of VDI, HSD and Published Apps) on Server 2016. The agent and infrastructure servers are on 1811.1. 


We have a call raised with a senior escalation engineer under SR78931354. Anyone who still has an outstanding case open; might be worth linking these calls together to get some clout and some attention from Citrix to expedite a fix.





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Replying to an old thread, as we (again?) have this issue.
We were having issues with WEM getting message "Cannot build your environment" upon logon of some users, so did an upgrade of both server and client to 1906. 
Now, out of 250 users, "some" users get a massive delay in the INIT log, going from 40 sec, to 5 minutes (!). 


8:43:25 Event -> MainController.InitializeConfiguration() : Reading Agent Initial Configuration...

8:48:21 Event -> VuemAgentConfigurationHelper.ReadAgentStartupConfiguration() : Broker Service Name -> "brokerfqdn"


Anyone who had the issue before know what te solution was in 1811? 




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